Sochee Mala And Emili Spank Their Pussies Together

Sochee Mala and Emili are two smoking hot chicks. Took us a minute to finally get them together but when we did the chemistry was better then we could of ever hoped for. Sochee starts off slow and easy teasing Emili, not long before they are hot and heaven and playing with each other. Watch them scream out as they cum together.

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Duration: 25:56
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The Boobs on the Bus Go Round

Release Year: 2014
Cast: Brooke Wylde
Genres: School Fantasies, Uniform, Teen, Natural Tits, Blonde, School Girl, Blowjob (POV), Tittyfuck (POV), Big Tits Worship, 720p
Video language: English

Every day, bus driver Tommy Gunn watches the school slut Brooke Wylde showing off her ass and titties to all the horny dudes on the bus. One day, after seeing her shake her big tits for a couple of the guys in the back, he decides he’s finally had enough. One by one, he kicks the other guys off the bus until he’s alone with the busty schoolgirl. Brooke knows exactly what he’s up to, and with barely a word, he’s sucking and fucking her big natural tits. She gives him some nice sloppy head and then lets her jumbo jubblies bounce as she takes his big dick deep in her tight pussy. Finally, Tommy topped off the best morning of his career by busting a nut all over Brooke’s pretty face and big titties!

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Life In The EliteClub # 13 – Elite Pain

Release Year: 2014

When a new girl arrives at the EliteClub to become a slave, she is not exactly aware of the various trainings she is going to be given. She must be able to endure pain silently if asked, but if requested, she must be able to whip another slave girl properly.

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Duration: 1:04:06
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RTB – Darling blindfolded, caged and tagteamed by dick! – Apr 1, 2014

Release Year: 2014
Studio: Real Time Bondage
Cast: Darling
Genres: BDSM, Extreme Bondage, Domination, Fetish, Torture, Spanking, Humiliation
Video language: English

Darling blindfolded, caged and tagteamed by dick! Brutal challenging deepthroat on 10 inch BBC!

In our second ever LIVE Sexuallybroken show, the legendary Darling is the focus of our attentions. She is in for a hour of continuous action, nonstop dicking down by 2 rock hard cocks that are going to own every hole she has without mercy. Only the best sexual athletes in the world are up for the challenge of a live Sexuallybroken show, is Darling one of them?

Blindfolded and shackled in the tight confines of our handy cage, this big breasted slut is in for some serious throat training. A neck collar keeps her facehole jammed up against the bars of the cage. She can not turn her head away or escape her fate. Her fate is to be drilled full of cock until she is an undone puddle of flesh.

One after another they step up. The pacing is relentless and strict. Darling gurgles around a mouthful of 10 inch big black cock, the sounds echoing off of the metal.

The tight confines of the cage, the inability to move her head and escape, the merciless cocks plowing her throatmeat, it all becomes too much for Darling. She panics, flailing in her close quarters. All action stops abruptly as we take our shaken slut out and give her a vibrator to calm herself down. Orgasms make almost everything better, and she settles down quickly.

This is only the first 15 minutes. Darling has another 3 positions and 45 minutes to go. Can she make it? Or will she crack under the pressure? We have Darling kneel in her slave posture, bound breasts jutting out and mouth open wide. She certainly seems eager enough, only time will tell…

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